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Isospec Health is a horizontally integrated CBD corporation based out of South Florida. At Isospec Health we cultivate (grow), process (extract), manufacture, and distribute at an Isospec Health facility. Isospec Health acquired an Iso 5 and Iso 7 certified facility previously used by a pharmaceutical company is 2018 where all R&D and manufacturing take place. Because of these steps Isospec is able to guarantee the highest quality of products and can track our hemp from seed to sale.


CBD produced in the United States is by far superior to the lower quality extracts imported from overseas. With lenient regulations in countries throughout Europe and China, we urge you to take the time to properly educate yourself before buying CBD imported from overseas. With our proprietary strain and the industry's most innovative extraction techniques, we guarantee the highest quality CBD available.

Isospec Mission

IsoSpec was developed with one thing in mind, to help naturally prepare, perform, and recover elite performance athletes as safely and quickly as possible. Isospec was designed by the Science Advisory Board and the Athlete Advisory Board of Isospec. These boards are made up of Professional Athletes, Their Medical Doctors, World Renowned Strength and Conditioning Coaches, Holistic Medicine experts, and Professional ATC’s.

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