Isospec Health & COVID-19

In light of the recent COVID-19 Pandemic Isospec Health will be selling Personal Protection Equipment (PPE), along with our hemp derived CBD products. Head to our Store to pick up FDA approved masks.

KN95 Mask (Pack of 5)

FDA-Licensed Manufacturer

Through its subsidiary, Blaine Labs, Alternate Health is an FDA-licensed Medical Device Manufacturer and Pharmaceutical Company based in Greater Los Angeles California.

During this global pandemic, we recognize that we are in a unique position to meet the overwhelming demand for essential medical supplies, including face masks.

Our KN95 Face Mask

We have expanded our product line to include Chinese manufactured KN95 face masks, the generic version of the N95 masks supplied by 3M. Our KN95 face masks meet similar standards as the N95 version, but we offer advantages in pricing and supply.

Health & Safety

Our KN95 face masks comply with GB2626-2006 standard.

Our masks protect the wearer from at least 95% of non-oily spread particles, allergens, pollen, pet hair and dander, molds and mold spores, leaves, grass clippings, smoke, mites, and more.

Each face mask includes comfortable, extra-soft elastic ear loops that eliminate pressure to the ears. The Inner layer is made of soft tissue with no dyes, guaranteed to be gentle on the skin.

Instructions for Use

Face masks can be used two times normally. However, in the case of dense crowds or severe environmental pollution, it is best to use it only once.

Depending on the personal use situation and environment, the mask will need to be replaced immediately if breathing is difficult or uncomfortable, the mask is stained with foreign objects, or the mask is damaged.
Note: This mask cannot be used in hypoxic environments. Do not use for protective filtering of toxic gases and vapours.

*Please note all mask sales are final

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