Companies that source from Isospec receive end-user and retail-ready products in their recognized packaging with individual logos and labels.

Isospec offers a wide range of filling and labeling services, included with a minimum order of 10 gallons. Isospec's range of services, even on smaller orders, makes it the perfect partner as a full supplier, allowing companies to have their products manufactured, filled, labeled and packaged all under one roof, eliminating the stress of having to coordinate with a packer or do it in-house.

Whether your brand needs custom or bulk formulation, our skilled and flexible team is here to turn your vision into reality.

private labeling

Private labeling is the common practice of products manufactured by one company that are sold under the brand name of another company. Compared to committing and investing in contract manufacturing for product development, private labeling is easy, efficient and more cost-effective. Private labeling creates a new profit center for new entrepreneurs, or beauty companies, by allowing the expansion of a beauty product line, without taking on the expenses usually associated with such expansions.

A lead time of 2-4 weeks is required.


Save your company work and let our specialized filling team pack your product for you.Isospec can accommodate standard cosmetic packaging and materials, as well as more unique filling options, ensuring your company's final products are beautiful, strong and stand out from the crowd.We can also assemble outer packaging such as shrink wrap, seals, boxes and more.

Your label is an essential part of your brand's unique identity.The most important thing is that your label is also FDA compliant.When you partner with Isospec, we can provide guidance as you source and print your labels to ensure they are FDA approved and the correct size for your product packaging.After ordering your labels, Isospec will apply them in-house.Isospec applies both machine and hand labels, allowing for a wide variety of labeling options to best suit your brand.

recreation of formulas

If your company already has a formula, Isospec will reformulate it in our lab to ensure it is a stable and viable formulation for scale-up. Isospec will work with your company to determine the right ingredients to meet your needs and budget.

A lead time of 6 to 12 weeks is required.

custom formulations

During the custom formulation process, companies work directly with our cosmetics formulators. Your company and Isospec will partner to formulate the base, fragrance and active ingredients to be included in your company's specific products. As partners, your company and Isospec will work to create and test the samples that will ultimately result in your perfect formulation.

A lead time of 8 to 12 weeks is required.

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