Why IsoSpec Sport Was Developed?

Isospec Sport was developed with one thing in mind, to help naturally heal high performance athletes as safely and quickly as possible. Isospec Sport was designed by the Science Advisory Board and the Athlete Advisory Board of IsoSpec Health. These Boards are made up of Professional Athletes, their Medical Doctors, World Renowned Strength & Conditioning Coaches, Holistic Medicine Experts, & Professional ATC’s.

In addition to training and healing Professional Athletes from MLB, MLS, NHL, NFL, & Tope European Leagues, members of our Boards have and continue to compete as Olympians, UFC Fighters, and WWE Fighters.

What is IsoSpec Sport?

IsoSpec Sport is a Proprietary blend of Full Spectrum, Broad Spectrum & Raw Plant CBD with natural plant terpenes and other added vitamins and minerals. Each form of CBD has its own unique benefits and interact differently with terpenes, vitamins and minerals. Isospec Sport has combined all three CBD forms and blended them with vitamins and minerals to give high performance athletes the right blend to prepare, perform, and recover at the highest level possible.

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