The Isospec Health Process

Isospec Health was developed with one thing in mind, to help naturally heal athletes as safely and quickly as possible. Isospec Health uses Full Spectrum CBD extracted only from hemp plants. The Full Spectrum CBD is extracted in an Isospec Health Lab then transported to an Isospec manufacturing facility, where the raw goods are turned into the highest of quality CBD products. Isospec Health can track seed to sale and all Isospec Health CBD is only handled by Isospec employees.

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Isospec Health Labs

Isospec Health is a horizontally integrated CBD corporation based in South Florida. At Isospec Health we cultivate (grow), process (extract), manufacture, and distribute at the Isospec Health facility. Isospec Health acquired an Iso 5 and Iso 7 certified facility previously used by a pharmaceutical company in 2018, where all R&D and manufacturing take place. Because of these steps, Isospec Health guarantees the highest quality of products and can track our hemp from seed to sale.