CBD Tincture Bundle

1000mg (x2) & 3000mg (x2)

Helps to restore your body’s balance naturally

Our clinically formulated CBD Tinctures are designed to give you optimal results, promoting general wellness and resilience.This premium formula helps with recovery from exercise-induced inflammation, a sense of calm and focus, reduced anxiety, and maintenance of healthy sleep. The sublingual placement allows the oil to be absorbed directly into the bloodstream via the blood vessels underneath the tongue. The tincture is best taken daily, like a multivitamin.

Ingredients (Natural): Full-spectrum CBD, Organic Fractionated (MCT) Coconut Oil, All-Natural Plant Terpenes.

Ingredients (Peppermint): Organic Coconut Oil, Organically Grown Full Spectrum CBD Oil, Mentha x Piperita (Peppermint) extract.

As with any dietary supplement, consult your healthcare provider prior to use, especially if you are pregnant, nursing, take medication on a regular basis or if you have a medical condition.

1000mg CBD / 1oz (33mL/serving)
Certificate of Analysis

3000mg CBD / 1oz (99mL/serving)


All-Star Ingredients

Full-spectrum CBD:Hemp-derived oil known to aid in physical well-being and natural relief.

Organic Fractionated (MCT) Coconut Oil:Anti-inflammatory binding agent added for quick absorption.

How to Use

Shake well before using. Take 2 dropperfuls, hold under tongue for 1 minute then swish around your mouth before swallowing. The longer you keep in your mouth the higher the absorption.

For best results, use daily as directed.

What to Expect

Tinctures are made to easily deliver the relaxing and rejuvenating effects of cannabinoids. If used as directed, expect a sense of overall wellbeing.

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